Today, I want to touch a topic that is very important and has to do with when you
want to make money on the internet and you are thinking of building your first
website, or if you already have it, and you feel that for some strange reason, your
traffic does not last long in your site.
A common mistake is to want to create a website so striking, so striking that they
never forget it … the problem is that they will not forget it because it is loaded,
impractical or ugly, and not because of the content it offers the reader.
During all these years that I have been working online, I have seen …
everything! Spectacular sites, very simple sites, overloaded sites of color, overloaded
sites of ads, sites with very flashy flash animations, and other sites that I do not even
understand existence.
So, I'm going to list some of the most common "mistakes" that novices and not-so-
newbies have when designing their websites, or selecting a template or theme.
This is not only targeted to content sites, but to all Internet businesses.
* Much emphasis on animations. This happened a long time ago, but less than a
month ago, a reader asked me to enter his site and give him my opinion, the site was
on a platform almost flat and the main page had a flash animation so complicated that
it took a lot in charge. After waiting a long time I was taken by surprise! the site did
not have any content yet … only the animation and 2 or 3 tabs without data, or
information of any kind.
To begin with, if I had come to that place from any other place, I would not even have
waited for the animation to load, I would have gone and never returned.
* Many graphics with movement. Did you have to see those places where
everything is moving because they have many animation or flash graphics? Almost
tidal … is the equivalent of wanting to see a circus of 10 tracks, to see that you manage
to remember at the end.
* Colors content. I have seen sites that have very good content, but the background
color almost makes your eyes cry, and sometimes it is not the color of the
background, but even the letters!

It is almost impossible to read all the content of those sites without your head been
hurt, your eyes cry, or you just want to get out of it.
* LayOut too complicated. Other sites are difficult to understand especially where
the article you were reading has many columns, many graphics, too much
information, videos everywhere … too much of everything.
* Poor quality graphics. This is also terrible, I have touched sites in which they place
some graphics that are blurred, diffuse, as copied from a copy but not digital, this
makes it so bad.
* Strange mixes of content. Sites containing information in French, mixed with
English, and graphics in both languages, so you do not know if you are in an English
site with things in French or vice versa.
Note: I made this clarification by the commentary of one of my readers: I do not mean
to have probably a banner in another language, but to a whole section of content in
another language, that even sounds strange, I have seen it in some places.
So also, they have such strange topics that you can not imagine what the site is about,
unless it is an article directory or a news site, the subject must be perfectly well
Not so long ago a reader also sent me to see a business opportunity, the site had very
poor quality graphics and content scrambled in 2 languages, the simple fact of seeing
the site made me think that the business opportunity was not serious … and I told him.
The problem was that he was very upset.  He got angry for my criticism, but after so
many years, I can tell you without fear of being wrong that your best presentation
letter on the internet is your site!
It is the only thing that speaks for you on the net, is the only impression you can give
and you have to make it memorable.
Taking this into account, I will create a small report or post or series of videos (I am
still thinking about) about this topic, and how to make your site attract attention in a
positive way.

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