As I had already promised to write on this topic, I will explain to you different ways
to make residual money on the web.
As I mentioned in the previous post on The Power of Residual Income this is the
income that we must all generate in one way or another.
Now I see different forms, although they are not the only ways to generate it, but if
they are the most common:
Contextual Advertising: In this case I will talk about Google Adsense because it is
one of the most known forms of this type of advertising but it is not the only one.
When you create a content site, in which you talk about any topic, that content is
getting indexed in the search engines and people start to get to it. The higher traffic
Then contextual advertising is always appearing on your site, so that when someone
enters and clicks on an ad you have already made money.
I have several content websites, on average I write one article a week for each one, in
some more, and every day I earn money for this concept.
When I go on vacation these sites keep making money even though I am not even
connect to the web.
There comes a time when this income not only stabilizes but grows gradually, more
sites, more content, more traffic, more money!
Affiliate Programs with Residual Payments. These I love, they are my favorites and
consist of affiliate programs that offer a service which the buyer pays each month and
as an affiliate makes me earn money while the buyer is customer of that service.
this case requires programs that are based on membership or services that are required
each month.
So, every month I increase my profits by recommending these programs, those
recommended 2 months ago + the ones recommended last month + the ones

recommended this month + the month that comes in, do you get the idea? it is a
question of working once to recommend someone a good service and be charging
each month a commission that is growing as I refer to more people.
I note that it is not multilevel, it is an affiliate program that pays me a high percentage
on each person referred.
To generate a good profit in this way it is very important that the program you
recommend is good, and not a junk site from which people leave quickly, your
success in this area depends on that.
Digital Product Sales. In my case I sell eBooks and reports, I have mini sites that are
dedicated solely to sell this type of products.
Some I wrote them myself, for the others I have the resale rights.
I created a mini site in which I sell my products and I did place paid advertising, in
this case I use Google Adwords, so every day I send traffic, I have a budget allocated
to each mini site or product and every day people arrive and every day they buy some
or several of my eBooks.
This happens every day too, because the traffic keeps coming even when I'm asleep or
on vacation.
About 3 months ago I went on vacation for a week, that week I did not even connect
to the internet, when I returned home I had my income intact exactly as if I had
continued working.
And the most important thing here, is that every time I have more sites, more eBooks
to sell, every day I refer people to affiliate programs with recurring payment, and my
income grows.
The power of the internet is incredible when it is well used, it is a question of knowing
how to handle it and always be ethical in everything you do.

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