Starting an e-commerce business can be uncertain to many small startups or new vendors who thrive to join the ecosystem. It is therefore important to know the Top Ecommerce Niches in Nigeria. For many years as an online retailer, I have several experiences and have closely monitored the market. With this experience, I had to take out time to write this article to put forward what is booming around the internet in our country and hope it helps you as a new retail vendor.


Introducing top-selling items in Nigeria:

  1. Groceries and Food

Food and groceries are the most in-demand items both online and offline in Nigeria, making waves as the basic demands of human life. This category holds the highest stake in every online purchase and offline demand around Nigeria. Food vendor and grocery stores make lots of sales both offline and online in Nigeria, and it’s the most purchase category every day.


  1. Mobile Phones & Computers

With the increase in internet users in Nigeria, there is a high demand for the purchase of smartphones and laptops. Most of these purchases occur online, and this means a lot of markets for online stores. This makes Mobile Phones and Computers one of the most purchased items online.


  1. Fashions

Nigeria’s population comprises mostly youth and they also make up the higher volume of online users. These users search for trending and quality clothing via the internet. This is one of the big niches to look into when starting an e-commerce business in Nigeria, and it is one of the top niches people buy daily.


  1. Beauty and Makeup 

Many young women want to look beautiful, thus taking Beauty and makeup items to one of the most purchased categories of items in Nigeria. Ladies search and purchase their beauty and makeup items online in the quest to have the best quality from the comfort of their home.


  1. Health and Fitness

In a new world where shapes and curvy looks are the new trends, many young women shop their fitness items online and it is the fifth-biggest niche with a low entry point in the country’s e-commerce ecosystem.


  1. Babies Items

Every day new babies are born and the demand for baby’s items ranging from clothes to diapers is high. It is one of the most searched and purchased items online by young mothers. It is also a very profitable category to start your new e-commerce business.


  1. Electronics

Indoor and Outdoor Electronics, Sound and Audio, Display and cooling electronics fall into the list of the most purchased categories of items by online users in Nigeria. People shopping these items are young adults getting new businesses or a new apartment and ready to fit it up.


  1. Office Items and Home Décor

As a growing economy, we have many new startups daily, thus increasing the demand for office tools and home décor items. Young startup and new home getters are in high demand for items in this category, making it one of the most purchase stuffs on the Internet as well.


  1. Sport Kits 

Lots of sports fans in Nigeria have made sports kits, hold great values in the most search and shop items on the Internet. Are you thinking of starting a new retail business of custom branding, then this category is good is worth trying out.


  1. Automobile

Automobile parts and cars auction also have their value in the online purchases in Nigeria and hold on to the number 10 of the most bought items online. Many car owners prefer to use the internet to check the cost of their car parts and maybe purchase it themselves to save more money.



Most of the items listed here are products most online users shop online in Nigeria and it is a good way to start your retail business, you can learn how to join the market by taking more time to survey your niche and meeting the best suppliers and buying agent and also crafting out a new brand for yourself.

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