The Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, has said the 2019 general elections will not hold if the Federal Government failed to meet the N30,000 minimum wage terms.

Comrade Edim Oyongha, NLC Vice Chairman, Cross River State, stated this on Tuesday in Calabar during a sensitization rally meant to sensitize Workers in respect to the thirty thousand Naira (N30,000) minimum wage issue.

He said, “Nigerians should be patient till 6th of Nov and if the new minimum wage is not announced and implemented, we will shut down this country.”

He continues, “For the government, if we don’t get that money, we are not too sure about elections. Not that we’ll not vote for them, but we are not too sure whether the elections will come up, because INEC will not open the door, the Policeman, the Army officers are all waiting for that money,” Comrade Edim said.

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Recalled the Governors said their states have no capacity to pay the N30,000 minimum wage and that they can only afford N20,000, but Comrade Edim said, “They have more than that. The capacity they have is more than N30,000, but they’re just being wicked”.

Comrade Edim Oyongha, NLC Vice Chairman, Cross River State Council

The NLC Vice Chairman said increasing the prices of goods and services in the market after the implementation of the new Minimum wage will be vague. “The people who are selling and thinking about inflating the prices of goods, why didn’t they do it when Senators were ending millions of Naira a day – so, is it N30,000 that will bring about inflation? One Senator’s salary for a month will pay over 90 workers for a year.

“The N30,000 will not solve the problems of workers in full, but we want it – let them just give it to us,” he said.


The Government has threatened the Labour with No work, No pay penalty, but Comrade Edim said, “The No work, No pay policy has been there since. It doesn’t work, even in Abacha’s time it was in the constitution, but it never worked and it will not work. We say, No pay, No work! No pay, No vote!

“If the government fails to assert to our agitation, there will be no work from November 6, 2018.”


Although, Labour and the FG are meeting today and the Vice Chairman said, “I am expecting that they will approve it.”

The sensitisation rally was carried out by Labour Unions, including the NLC, TUC, NUT, NUC, NULGE, and others. They were seen carrying placards with the inscription, “Ngige Must Go Now” and many more.

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