The More You Write The More Money You Earn


I want to emphasize on the golden rule, which many people neglect when making
money online: + Writing = + Money
Because making money on the internet writing is the basis of most online businesses.
And this is not only valid for those who sell information products, but for any content
Whether you generate revenue through Adsense, or affiliate programs, or an online
multilevel company, sell advertising on your content site, the fact is that the more
original content you include in your sites, the more money you can earn.
Writing is paramount for search engines, remember that spiders are busily searching
for content on the web, content that is original and good quality to show in the search
results that each person performs daily.
Although writing is sought quickly, videos are also searched for and generate traffic.
Writing content is useful for:
 Better Search Engine Positioning (SERPs)
 Have more keywords in your site (keywords)
 Have more traffic
 Generate a regular reader base
 Build more confidence for your readers
 Generate more money
Writing is not only for your website, but also to publish in article directories, to
collaborate with other sites and in this way generate inbound links to your website.
And it is in this that many people fail, because they do not have time, or they are lazy
or they simply go away and days pass by without them writing anything.

It's funny but there are people who just think that they don’t have to write daily
(especially those who have several websites) .They just do not take the step to become
But not all the content has to be written by you, you can hire people to do it in your
place, you can buy rights, you can use article directories, etc.
There are people who have hundreds (if hundreds) of content websites that generate
residual revenue for advertising based solely on written content and some videos,
many of these sites are created with directory content, they are intercalated original
articles and are generated links of entry for them, the result: a fairly considerable
Of course these people start modestly, with a couple of articles, and we all started
well, this website at the beginning start with 1 article, the important thing is that you
decide to break the mental laziness and start writing or get who does it for you .
Do you like to write? then you can even earn money by writing for others! every day
there are people who hire other people to write for them! It's a great idea to generate
cash quickly.
To conclude: Words generate wealth, and it is residual!

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