A gift, according to BBC English Dictionary is something that you give to or receive from someone as a present. Gifts can be presented to people on many occasions, such as birthdays, marriage ceremonies, matriculation or convocation ceremonies in their respective institution of learning and many other ceremonial events.


Some people place high value on what is given to them while for some people, the reverse is the case. That is why you sometimes here people say “I won’t give it to you because it was a gift.” Those are the set that value gifts.


A gift is sometimes presented to somebody, despite the person’s choice. People do not choose what others give them as a gifts. Sometimes, they do not even know they will be given the gift, and as such, there is no opportunity for choice making. Gifts are also sometimes in form of relief materials. They are aimed at solving the receiver’s problems, sometime, someday, somewhere.


One might ponder on which gift is the greatest, talk of job, wealth (money, clothing, shelter) etc. but to all the afore-mentioned, I say NO. The greatest gift of life is that of nature, which is the gift of people.


The problem in our society today is lack of value for this greatest gift of life. That is why you see people take lives without a second thought. This is because they have ceased to understand that others living in this world with them are the greatest gifts presented to them by God.


Had it been everyone is aware that even the worst person in his/her life is a gift with blessing unto them, they would not have been any problem. The world would have been the most enjoyable place to be. Dr. Mike Murdock, a great motivator and a sound speaker says, “Right people energize you, wrong people exhaust you”. Whatever you become and want to become in this life is determined by the way you utilize people; the greatest gift.


The fact that you were given an electric cooker, or gas cooker as a gift did not mean you should get burnt by it. But if you are careless about its usage, you may set your family and mansion ablaze. Yes! That is the same thing that happens when we utilize people wrongly or allow them affect us negatively. A singer in Calabar once sang “okuk ikpu-ikpu, ofong ikpu-ikpu, owo edi inyene”. This means, money is vain, clothe is vain, man is wealth.


That means no matter what you do or want to do in this world, know that man is the greatest gift compared to none. It is people that determine how you rise and fall. A president in any country in the world today was put there by people, without which he will not smell that seat. He should never see his subordinates as being inferior to him. A businessman who makes so much money in his business is made rich by customers (people) who patronize him. If you are successful in your career today, be not proud, for people taught you or you learnt under other people’s umbrella.


In anything you do or want to do, place people above material things. Have human sympathy. Even those of us that abort or support abortion, try and show or have a little value for that person you want to refuse its existence, you do not know the relief materials it is made up of for you.


Never allow money be the reason why you kill or waste people. There is a saying that, “no man is an island”. Also, “a tree cannot make a forest”. This simply means I need you, you need me to survive. Imagine yourself waking up one morning to realize you are the only person in the whole world, how will you feel? I tell you, you can never be happy. You may even commit suicide, because you will not be able to cope alone.


Let nothing make you look down on people. Everybody is very good and important in their own ways. The mad and less privileged in our society are given to us by God to help us show Him appreciation for making us the way we are and what we are.


Finally, have this in mind that you are a gift; meant to be a blessing to your society, likewise others. Treat everyone with due respect and value them accordingly, because you do not know where life will land you tomorrow.

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