The expression “all fingers are not the same(equal)” has continually been abused by people in different walks of life, especially in cases of destructive comparison, self-pity or self justification. The essence of the old Persian expression was to portray the uniqueness of each finger, which makes the hand a vital part of the human body.
In a bid to put a balance, a well meaning personality said;

“All fingers are not the same, but when bent, they are equal, life becomes easier when we bend to adjust to situations”

I once heard a man ask “if all fingers are not equal, why must your own be the smallest?”

Then I began to wonder what would happen if the thumb was the same length as the middle finger! Holding and typing on our phones wouldn’t be as easy. Notice that if something flew into your ear you were most likely to try removing it with your index finger or the baby finger. It’s easier to make a snap, using the thumb and the middle finger than it is when using the thumb and any other finger.

Each finger is placed at its position based on its orientation. The proximity of the index finger and thumb is not without reason or a mistake. The ring finger need not be as long as the middle finger, as flexible as the index finger or as little as the baby finger! They are all in different shapes and sizes because they are meant to fulfill distinct purposes.

Each of the five fingers deserves adequate and equal care. We cannot afford to demean any. A plague on one affects all others. Remember the last time you had cut, taking a shower became an ordeal, regardless of which finger was directly affected.
That’s how it is in human relations. Every sector of the society or the government is equally important. When any sector or arm is deserted or disregarded, it tells negatively on the entire society. The security sector is as important as the legislative arm of the government, the educational sector is as important as the judiciary, the agricultural sector is important as the executive arm of the government and so on. When the government fails to avail each sector with the requirements needed for effective execution of its assigned duties, it affects the society at large.

In the family/ household, every member is important, the first born deserves as much much care as the last born regardless of the gender. The house keeper, the gateman, the gardener are all important as the division of labour facilities adequate care for the family. Where the father is not meeting his demands, the mother definitely carries on her shoulders more than she should and vice versa.

In an organization, the janitor is as important as the security guard and Secretary, each of them play different roles at different posts, the proximity between the office of the Secretary and manager is necessary. If the gateman does not adhere to organizational instructions, it causes disorder in the entrance and exit. If the MD treats his driver with contempt, there’s a life at stake! And that’s definitely the life of the former! because the driver knows the routes of the MD more than anyone else.

In the society, in our daily activities, everyone ranging from hair dressers to mechanics, waste carriers, commercial drivers, market sellers, graphic designers,journalists, etc.. everyone plays a vital role to have a complete and running society. We cannot all be senators and doctors. You may not have need for the baby finger today, but you may need it tomorrow for a hole too small for your index finger. You may not need the tailor/seamstress today, do not compare him/her to the make up artist, they have different orientations.

It is ignorant of us not to recognize that the discrepancies in our fingers actually facilitate our dexterity. Each finger plays its own role!
If you try do be someone else or carry out another man’s job, you will be frustrated.

Be so good at what you do, that you do not need to do another person’s job to be recognized. Be so good at being you, that you do not need to be some else to feel important!

Have a great week ahead….

By Ofonime D. O

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