I regularly write about success but today I'm going to write about failure, because
each failure, if you learn from it, can help you achieve something much bigger, and to
top it all off, I do not know anyone who is successful at everything.
And as for creating websites, well I can make a list of factors that will help you to
succeed, but now I’m going to mention 4 key factors that you should avoid when
creating websites to make money with them. these points are simple, and also quite
All of these points start with the letter "C" and therefore I write it as the 4 C’s That
Can Make Your Website Fail.
1.- Culture. At this point I do not mean your cultural level, but the people you are
trying to reach, your readers, and I mean more specifically that the vast majority of
aspiring webmasters do not take into account which audience they want to impact
BEFORE designing their website.
A colossal mistake, is to try to reach everyone, except you're Yahoo! or MSN, this is
Your site should be dedicated to a very specific niche of readers, and you should soak
culturally the language your readers use.
Culturally each community speaks in different "terms", they have their own
"language", their own "problems", etc.
If you fail to penetrate the culture of your niche, the only thing you will be achieving
is to repel every visitor who comes to your website looking for valuable information
for them.
2.- Customers. We regularly tend to believe that we know our clients only because
we know some generalities about their culture.
The clients to whom you want to reach through your website must be defined in your
work strategies.

Constantly review the market, your competition, and your position with respect to
them. You must be aware about the price / product relationship if you sell something
directly or about the content relationship and value added if you have content sites.
3.- Cost. The vast majority of people who do not have a website, think that it should
be expensive or it will not be attractive.
And you really do not have to spend a great fortune on the design of it, but rather you
must invest in quality content than in a spectacular design.
As for the sale of products online, you should always stay on top of your statistics,
which will let you know if you are working with profit or loss, this is mainly if you do
PPC advertising.
Whenever you take a PPC test, you must have a budget for that test, which will serve
as a parameter for your subsequent adjustments, it sounds obvious, but for some
people it is not.
4.- Complexity. Did you have to reach a website, where you take too long to get to
the point you wanted to reach? To me, and that is incredibly frustrating!
It is the equivalent of those telephone services in which they ask a lot of nonsense to
be able to speak with a representative, and you know what? that when it is by phone
and urges you, you stand, but online … no, your visitors will simply leave and never
return … ever!
So your site more than looking "pretty" should be easy to use!

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