By Ntiense Umoren

It was a massive show of solidarity to the ambition of Hon. Bassey Effiong and the Peoples Democratic Party as a whole as former political office holders, politicians, youth groups, women groups, traditional institutions and Elders of Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency gathered in November 2014 to affirm, confirm, zeal and solidify the position of the entire Oro Nation as earlier positioned by Oro Traditional Rulers Council under the leadership of His Royal Highness Obong O. E. Isemin.


It was a day the sky was within Honourable Bassey Effiong’s limit, member representing Oro/Urue-Offong State Constituency as all political stakeholders and chieftains from the State Constituency adopted Honourable BasseyEffiong as the sole and preferred candidate for the State Constituency race. Infact, the meeting brought an end to the linkering problem of scrambling for a qualified and people candidate who will carry everybody along as well as making effective representation.


That unanimous decision to adopt Honourable Bassey Effiong as a sole candidate for the Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency informed the embrace of Hon. Bassey Effiong’s candidature by all and sundry from Oro extraction which culminated to his overwhelming victory in a landslide. As a man adopted and supported by his people the political atmosphere was so friendly devoid violent.


According to his people who spoke during the adoption meeting in Oron the people said it was imperative the stop playing and supporting opposition party with a simple reason that it added no value to people and the constituency in terms of human capital and infrastructural development hence their massive endorsement and adoption of Hon. Bassey Effiong from the Peoples Democratic Party as their sole and prefered candidate.


“Apart from that we want a man with needed experience for the State Constituency position and due to his selfless services and contributions to the development of the society and the people, we have decided today to compensate him by saddling him with a great task and similarly, give him a wider capacity to expand his humanitarian services”.


And facts have not raised any doubt that Hon. Bassey Effiong has impacted so much on the lives of his people which triggered their unanimous decision to use the 2015 house of assembly election to reward him. As a benefactor of people’s benevolence, and as a man with firsthand knowledge and experience, which is said to be the best teacher, he has climbed the peak of a successful business man and good manager of resources due to his milestone achievement in both political and community development. Because of his outstanding contributions to the development of the Peoples Democratic Party and the State at as a whole, in December 2014, he was given the mandate as the Peoples Democratic Party flag bearer for the Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency. In April 11, 2015 he was elected as a member of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly representing the good people of Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency. This was made possible because of his life touching projects executed by honourable Bassey Effiong which has gone a long way to improve the standard of the people, projects and the society.


His adoption as sole candidate for Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency against every other candidate who aspired for the state constituency race from both the People Democratic Party platform and other parties came as a result of evidence of positive contributions capable of transforming the State Constituency, the Peoples Democratic Party and Akwa Ibom State as a whole.


In considering his fair characteristics in his dealings and the discharge of his responsibilities, he was made glorious with a fulfilled mandate to pilot the affairs of his State Constituency as his people massively elected him unto power in a clear political and electioneering atmosphere. It was indeed a determination by the people of Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency to vote emblock for a man whom the described as peoples benefactor to get to the Akwa Ibom State Assembly.


Quoting from the speakers who spoke during the decision making event,  Oron/Urue-Offong Former Political Office Holders Forum after presentation of flag to Honourable Bassey Effiong by the officials and authority of PDP as PDP standard bearer for Oron / Urue-Offong State Constituency, the people said “those who had foresight knew that there will be no better aspirant apart from Mr. Bassey Effiong. It was on the strength of this conviction that we the Forum of Former Political Office Holders in this constituency, together with our youths, women groups, political organizations and with the support of our traditional rulers and Elders, adopted him (Bassey Effiong) in November as our sole candidate for the State Constituency race”.


At the adoption and endorsement meeting of Hon. Bassey Effiong which was tagged “Shopping for Effective Representative” they said they had to embark on such shopping which they have finally landed on Mr. Bassey Effiong and found him worthy as their only preferred candidate for the State Constituency position which they said has banish the paradox of test and hunger’ in the midst of the plenty.


And it was indeed a call for service to salvage the State Constituency of their former slavery condition enslaved them by former lawmakers from the constituency who groped the constituency in darkness for decades. The people said the past administrations were seasons for trial and error, and blunders as a result in-competency hence their resolve to adopt Hon. Bassey Effiong whom they believe was the best man for the job stressing that effective representation has become the ‘Watch Ward’ in the present political era. The people also shaded more light on their decision to adopt Honourable Bassey Effiong affirming that it was the age of wisdom for the people of the State Constituency to be liberated in this democratic government as obtained in other State Constituency through effective representation in different capacities citing the barrels of positive impact on projects and empowerment programmes executed by Hon. Bassey Effiong which has cut across the state constituency when he was not yet given the mandate saying it was in that premise and conviction they arrived at the decision.


Hon. Bassey Effiong’s adoption, was not only verbal but was back up with a strong communiquéissued at the end of the meeting endorsed by political leaders, political chieftains, youths groups, Elders of the party, women leaders and relevant authorities from the State Constituency. Infact the sudden population explosion upsurged at the meeting with recognized and authentic groups was more than the constituency briefing. The youth groups said they have found leadership quality in Hon. Bassey Effiong. The women group vowed not to be misled by sentiments of opposition party nor, voting any other aspirant with no sense of representation.


The communiqué described Hon. Bassey Effiong as the only person to stabilized the political atmosphere of the area and also help the constituency to achieve the expected growth and development through effective representation, youth empowerment, scholarship award, Skills Acquisition Programmes and all round development were some of the expectant programmes and projects contained in the communiqué for Hon. Bassey Effiong to improve on.


The communiqué further described Hon. Bassey Effiong as a man with vigour, pedigree, amiable skills and intellect to proffer lasting solution to the problem of the people as well as bringing the state government present to bear in the constituency.


The communiqué also said that “we the Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituent have resolved that the can never again, and will never elect anybody without leadership quality, experience, Godsfearing and philanthropic disposition to represent us at the state house of Assembly level”. These decisions were taken in clear democratic atmosphere as practiced in developed countries that understands the dynamic of democracy where good people are fished out and demand for their services in the society.


Today, through the fatherly blessings and support of the people during his campaigns and election proper, ascended Hon. Bassey Effiong to the exalted position as the deputy speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly THE SIX ASSEMBLY; which is christened “THE PEOPLES ASSEMBLY”. On the strength of these, his aspiration was indeed the aspiration of all and sundry from Oron/Urue-Offong State Constituency and that had help the honourable deputy speaker to win the election convincingly and overwhelmingly in a landslide.

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