Make Money From Home in Nigeria 2018 – 10 Examples

Making Money Online legitimately in Nigeria is getting Easier every day; the more internet got wider more interest among user to make via the smaller world.
In this article I will throw more light in many hidden internet money making opportunities that will shock you.
There are very many Opportunities many can start free or with small capital, remember internet business save cost than running a physical business which requires rent and other office items

1. Start Your Online Store
Ecommerce Business: Starting a small online retailing can boost your earning from home and you need small capital to start selling online. e.g or online store and marketplace;  Many people start with single type of product or small online departmental store. To learn How to start sourcing for goods to sell via your online store you can purchase a training “the ecommerce game changer” and also if you don’t want to invest more can start a small store also know the limited of running hosted online store. I prefer starting you start self hosted. To learn more kindly visit and get the ecommerce course

2. Drop Shipping Business
Starting your own drop shipping store is not had, if your want to start online store without buying any product and many money daily all you need to do is drop ship… this simple but the big job is finding a reputable suppliers that are ready to ship your goods on time and quality goods to reduce customers complains. You can start drop shipping store using and to help through selling and paying your suppliers. To learn more kindly visit and get the ecommerce course

3. Selling Services on is the world biggest market for small services ranging from $5 to more $10,000. Fiverr Seller doesn’t need to pay registration and takes 20% of the total sells and you have 80%. You can provide services from graphic designs, SEO, web design, Branding, Videos, Intro, etc. To learn more visit

4. Start Blogging from Profits
Blogging for profits can help you generate passive income either from third party ads or selling your products. Blogging for income require quality and consistent content writer and is not a good choice for a very lazy person. This can great lots of income and need you to constantly upgrade and update your blog with quality contents.

5. Writing Short Book For Amazon Kindle
Start your own online book store by selling short fiction and nonfiction books via and all you need is quality and educative content and remember doesn’t accept copied contents and needs an original writing from you. If you interested can learn more via
6. Start Freelancing
Can start working online using and the process here need you to start online and constantly bid for services and if the employer accept your bids you start working and take their commission. To start kindly visit

7. Selling eBook
You can start selling eBooks from Home using your Blog or simple landing page and integrate your payment module. You can write your ebook about a course or anything you are good at and make it unique also convert it to PDF to make it easier for reader to be able to view it on time.

8. Start Content Marketing
You can start content marketing from Home selling premium content via internet and all you need is good writing skills and internet connection and a PC.
You can choice to sell your content via or any other websites.

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