Hydro Airdrops

Hydro Airdrop is worth 5,000 HYDRO tokens (~$ 4). Hydro collaborated with Liquid and to praise the organization, they are giving ceaselessly free HYDRO tokens to airdrop participants. In expansion to the free 5,000 HYDRO, you can win all the more free tokens:

Earn 70 points by finishing simple errands to get an offer of 25,000 HYDRO tokens.

10 random clients will receive 1,000 QASH tokens each (~$ 90).

20 random victors will receive 25,000 HYDRO tokens each (~$ 20).

The top 1-5 referrers will receive 100,000 HYDRO each (~$ 80).

The top 6-10 referrers will receive 50,000 HYDRO each (~$ 40).

The top 11-25 referrers will receive 25,000 HYDRO each (~$ 20).



All About Hydro

Hydro is an open-source blockchain venture, with a worldwide network of enthusiastic keen contract and item advancement pros committed to simplifying blockchain adoption.

Hydro’s vision is to be the life of another worldwide decentralized economy, taking into consideration secure and interoperable decentralized applications crosswise over P2P installments, B2B installments, Point of Sale, Remittance, Lending, Credit, Savings, and Tokenization. They assemble this new ecosystem on top of their revolutionary ERC-1484 character standard.



How to join the Hydro Airdrop?

Tokens per airdrop – 5,000 HYDRO

Tokens per referral – up to 100,000 HYDRO

Complete Supply allotted for Airdrop – 10,000,000 HYDRO

Go to the Hydro Airdrop form.

Snap on ”Enter Now”, sign up and confirm your mail.

Make a record at Liquid. You must utilize this connection or you won’t receive 5,000 ensured HYDRO.

Check your mail and complete KYC to be qualified for every one of the prizes.

Return to the airdrop structure, allude companions and complete straightforward assignments to procure more indicates win up to $200 in HYDRO and QASH tokens.

they will send prizes to your Liquid record upon dissemination.

Once there are 2,000 checked clients, the group will start to distribute the tokens. Read the official announcement for more data with respect to the KYC procces.

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