You want to start writing your e-Book and earn income from purchases. In this guide, I will expose you to a step-by-step guide on how you could start a profitable e-Books vendor in Nigeria. Information is the most demanded product on the Internet today, and you can easily monetize this niche. But before thinking of it, you should have quality content, solution and should be answers driven to common questions and problems around your target market.


  1. Introduction

Starting information marketing in Nigeria can be very difficult, so I took out hours to research and to create a comprehensive guide on how to get your first eBooks and market it effectively in Nigeria. The whole training will take from finding perfect niches to making one sale using the Internet and its tools.


  1. Choosing Your Niches

Your niche(s) will determine your target market and your content so you have to be careful while taking any step further. In countries like Nigeria, people mainly find topics about “how to” do many things ranging from money to online betting and cooking. So you need to provide real solutions to enable more people to pay for it.


  1. Preparing Your e-Book

You need to write out what your e-Books will help the reader achieve, maybe a step-by-step guide of doing a particular task or service or getting something done. In Nigeria, the most profitable niches of e-Books are; how to make money, how to prepare certain dishes, how to stay fits and other health-related niches. So you will be able to give working solutions to your customers in its best form.


  1. Creating your sales copy

Sales copy are usually brief discussions of what your e-book will offer to the readers and may also contain testimonies and result in the form of picture and screenshot. So if you are not good at creating sales copy you can hire the service of a professional and get the best sales copy that will increase your sales.


  1. Landing Page / Website Design

When your website is ready, you will create a landing page or a website where you will host your sales copy and also maybe your downloads. This can be done in many ways and you will require a hosting and domain name and also a well-designed landing page.


  1. Payment Processor

If you are selling digitally downloadable products like e-Books, you will need a payment processor to be able to receive payments from your customers. There are many processors ranging from Voguepay to PayStack and many more.



In this article, I have been able to outline steps that you will need to start writing and to self-publish your books in Nigeria and also how to use the internet to market your product using the readily available tools. Please if you have any questions kindly comment below.


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