In this post, I will make a review of how to Make money writing Articles on freelancing sites. I will give you a detailed description of how exactly that system works.
Today there are thousands of companies across the globe looking for people who are willing to write simple articles for them. The demand for text content is growing more and more in the virtual world.How to Make Money: The Power of Leverage

On the other hand, making money writing is the desire of many people, but most do not know where to start or where to go on the Web. It is in cases like this that the system is super useful. Turning your trade into cash has never been easier than it is today, thanks to this system and the ease of access and delivery offered by the Internet. Without further detours, Let me immediately start reviewing the system that teaches you how to earn money by writing.
In other to earn effectively online, You must learn the following
Professional writing: You must learn how to write articles in a 100% professional way, despite not having done it before. You mustl be able to write about topics you like. They could be related to sports, business, health, relationships, hobbies, cooking, technology, travel, languages, self-help, education, politics or any other subject. You can download free ebooks online or watch youtube videos on how to write Professionally.

Make Money From Home in Nigeria 2018 – 10 Examples

Speed ​​writing: Speed is an important factor since you might have many jobs at a time and you will be required to meet a deadline .you should train yourself up to the point that you start writing up to 500 word articles in minutes. This is a gradual process and you should take it one step at a time to avoid errors.

Avoid mental blocking: When you start an article, you must be able to keep the flow till the end. You need to Train yourself to avoid feeling blocked or with the mind blank along the way.

Research online: You need to learn How to conduct research online in a few minutes. You need to know your sources and know how reliable they are.

Transcription: This is a a very important aspect of the job as it help you multiply your writing almost instantly and increase your profits exponentially.
You need to be able to reproduce 1 article in several ways.

Promote: Your work is the first means of promotion because your present customers can leave positive reviews and even make recommendation to other customers. Sometimes giving out extra words as free gifts can also help spread your service.
Requirements: The basic requirements Are:
Must Be of legal age (18 years or more).
You must have access to the Internet.
Have at least one hour a day (Minimum time)
Be ready to follow simple instructions.
Must be Responsible for work commitments.
Earnings can be witdrawn through paypal or payoneer

The best place to start your writing career with free promotion is fiverr. Just sign up and and your earnings will start multiplying. They are other freelancing site like freelance, upwork and so many other freelancing sites. The best thing is that it does not matter where you live since the companies or individuals who are looking for writers do not care where they are writing their content, provided they do what they want, the rest is left over.
The good thing about this is that you work on your terms and its very flexible.

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