We are all bombarded daily by different types of advertising, all day long.
In fact, I think that the only place I do not see advertising is on the walls of my house.
We are so saturated with advertising because companies are seeing less and less of
their "traditional" advertising campaigns such as television, radio and printed
methods, including those spectacular ads that visually pollute all our cities.
According to a very recent marketing study, Advertising agency receives up to
31,000 daily advertisements a day!
This is among the traditional media I mentioned earlier, including the internet.
Ever since the inception of the internet, it has continued to grow and attract more
users daily. Most people now decide to read their news online and most times visit the
internet first when the wake up.
Now, returning to traditional media, companies are preferring instead to invest their
advertising budget on the internet than on television, for example, and why? For
several reasons. I will list some of the reasons why internet advertising is fast
displacing the other older forms of advertising that existed. below are some of the
• It Is more economical
• The Market segmentation is much more accurate
• The results are much more measurable
• The return on investment is much better
• The public already spend more hours surfing the internet than watching TV
• The average citizen prefers to buy products and services recommended by
someone "like him" instead of the "ideal person" that appears in advertisements with
which he does not even feel identified.

This creates for us, the webmasters an impressive line of possibilities to make money
with the publicity of our websites, the only requirement is that they are of good
quality and that they have good traffic.
No matter what niche market you prefer, if you have good content you can generate
revenue with advertising.
Affiliate marketing is another great opportunity we have, because we advertise
products or services that we know may interest our readers, and generate income, in
the latter case it is important that the product is good, this is another type of
advertising, something hidden but it is.
Social networks have become a separate world of advertising too, we all connect with
someone with whom we feel identified in one way or another, and of course we prefer
to buy something that person we recommend, something that has an ad On TV.
Therefore, if at this moment the growth of internet advertising is growing, in the next
few years it will have no precedent.
I can say without a doubt that it is about the democratization of the advertising media,
something that had never been seen before, and this is still in diapers, the best is just
around the corner.
I will write a special article on this soon. I urge you all to key into this media
democratization that is ongoing so that you all will reap bountifully in less than no

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