Regularly 99.9% of people are accustomed to making money in a linear and always
determined way to our own resources.
By resources I mean our own time, effort, education, skills, etc.
But the fault of this is the educational system of our countries that taught our parents,
and us also, and have made us think that this is the "normal".
In reality the people who manage to make money in a real and sustained way, those
who achieve financial freedom is because they understand that having a system of
leverage is indispensible.
Leverage consists of using resources that are foreign to us, which help us or work for
us to achieve goals that we ourselves would not be possible or would take much
longer to achieve.
There are different types of leverage, which I will explain below:
Financial Leverage: This type of leverage is one of the most common, which are
used by people who make a lot of money, without investing their own money or
investing very small sums.
An example would be the loans for real estate, common people borrowed to buy
property, which they rented, that rent covered the loan and left profit to its owner,
generating a residual income.
The person with a property and a good credit record could request another credit and
another and another, which in a period of time had several properties working for
them, after the financial collapse of the real estate, not only were not affected but they
did better, because they never stopped paying their properties, and now that many
people have lost their homes, the income market has increased.

The difference between someone who lost their home and someone who keeps
making money was the way I used the financial leverage and information they had
about finance.
Leverage in Systems: This type of leverage is the most common for us who make
money online, as both the internet and our websites and our different systems work
for us by automating and systematizing each process.
It does not matter if I'm asleep, whether I'm in my other business or if I'm at my
daughters' school, my systems still work for me.
If I did not have these systems working my profits would be very low or almost zero,
because I definitely can not be connected hours and hours on my computer and it
would be impossible to have all the websites that I have manually.
Leverage in People: This type of leverage is very common, but is not used by
Firms leverage their employees, but it is not as effective because they work for a fixed
income and there are actually few who give their best.
However in Network Marketing companies or multilevels, this is not so, because all
people work to achieve their personal goals and see it as their own business.
In the beginning is the most difficult, because you are at your own effort, as your
network grows, your leverage grows and your profits soar, or you have hundreds of
people helping you to make money.
There are other types of leverage, but these 3 are the most "common" and I emphasize
common because even though there are very few people who use them, or use them as
they should be.
It is important that you verify how you generate your money, if it is for yourself, you
need to make a decision now, analyze which of these options is the best for you,
create a commitment to yourself and start working for your financial freedom.

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