All physical businesses go through periods of cycles.
The cycles are those moments in which you have sales and good profits, then comes a
moment of descent or “lean months” to then take off again.

And when you make money on the internet, this does not change much, we also have
cycles, sometimes they are less marked, but they still exist and you must know about
them, knowing that they exist in the case of those who are starting, and for whom we
already have time in this, then the secret lies in knowing how to recognize them.
Why is it that knowing the cycles of your online business is so important? Because it
depends on it that you do well in this, remember that success on the internet is not a
matter of luck, it is a matter of preparation.

If you are completely new to this, and suddenly you start in a negative click, you will
surely think that this does not work, and you will give up, no one told you all at that
time we have the “slow” cycle or some up “negative” .
Let’s look at some cycles:
Start Cycle: When you create a new site, whether content or affiliate programs, you
regularly have a low click in which you have to dedicate yourself to plant content,
links, organize your SEO strategy, etc. to achieve the traffic you expect.
This cycle is probably the most difficult of all, because it requires patience, it is like
planting a seed and waiting for your plant to come out, which does not happen
overnight, it is here where many decide that this does not work and they are
disillusioned, they crush their little plant when it is beginning to grow.

Season Cycle: Like any business, we have cycles!
For example I’ll tell you the traffic cycle of a standard website: Traffic is regularly
stable during the week but the days when traffic is on the web are Friday evenings and
What good is that? Well imagine there are multi-million companies that do not run
PPC advertising these days, because it is not convenient.

The cycle to plant seeds: In this case seeds web
Depending on the affiliate program you manage, if you are creating niche sites, you
can do it through seasons, for example: there are micro niches for halloween, thanks
giving and of course Christmas.

A good affiliate program professional works on that calendar.
They have begun to plant their seeds for months before, at the precise moment when I
am writing this, I am already working in my Christmas niches, when my profits will
Now, this is done with time, do not be so naive that you are going to create a site for
these at the end of November and expect sales because you will not get results!
To be able to recognize the cycles of your business you must always be very aware of
your traffic and sales statistics.

If you do not know where your traffic comes from, you do not know which days you
have more traffic, how your site behaves during the year, let me tell you that you are
lost, it is like riding a ship without a compass.
From this moment start to analyze all your statistics, so that you can create a strategy
of work.

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