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Are you thinking of starting your own footwear business? Let us look at a straightforward and easy method of doing that from scratch in Nigeria. Shoemaking can be profitable but you need to acquire some skills to outsource your products. In this article, I will cover both outsourcing and personal production of your finished goods.


Choose The Best Niche For Your Footwear Business

To get started, you’d need to choose your niches whether it will be female, male or children footwear that you want to manufacture or outsource. After this, you then take out time to create your designs according to your inspirations using either Photoshop or CorelDraw. Doing this will give you a concrete direction in the output of your design. Choosing your designs can be challenging so you may need to use a creative approach to it and also be conscious of what is currently trending.


Create a Smart and Original Brand Name

You will need to create your brand name and also design your logo which stands as an identity of your business or product. Creating a brand name for your business helps create genuine ideology and helps in defining what your business or brand stands for.

You will also need to register your business name or brand name to be able to have legal rights over such a name or trademark.


Write Your Business Plan 

Planning your business is a very important step in creating a successful brand. You will need to set your goals and make sure you stay on budget of your proposed capital to be able to fund your footwear business probably.

You may also take into consideration fix assets of your brand like warehouse and showroom.


Choose Desirable Materials Quality

Another big factor in making your custom shoes brand is choosing your desired material and knowing what you want to give to your consumers at the end. Quality material can help boost your brand genuinely and will create a premium feeling in whatever you are offering.

As a new starter, you need to choose your material carefully and also go for the best affordable leather in the market. In a case, you are outsourcing you may need to purchase items from companies that have high-quality footwear to avoid hurting your customers.


Purchase Necessary Machine and Tools

You may need to get some tools and machine for shoemaking and this is only important to people who what to produce their footwear alone. These machines and tools include Filling Machine, Sewing Machine and Power Set since Nigeria does not have a steady power supply.

You will also need to acquire a workshop where the production will be carried out and where you will store your tools and machine. It is cost-friendly for brand outsourcing their footwear than those producing it in their factories.


Create a Marketing Roadmap 

Marketing your brand can be very tedious because it is new and little or nobody has an idea of your brand. So you will need to bring a strategy that will be able to place your products in front of your target customers.

You can also employ the use of social media influencers during launching and marketing promotions to create brand awareness for your footwear products.



Footwear business can be very profitable if the right techniques are followed from production to marketing. For you to be able to achieve this, you may need to follow the above steps carefully and apply them in your business. The advantage of outsourcing is that the cost of startup is lower, but you will have less control over the design and overall manufacturing process. Self-manufactured footwears give you the ability to control the process and get a better result.



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