The last may have not been heard about the state transport commissioner, Mr Godwin Ntuk Udeh’s dirty deal with Nsik motors, the operators of Akwa Ibom Transport Corporation (AKTC). Nsik motors has been the operator of the state transport corporation for sixteen years now and has not been making any contribution towards the development of the state in any manner neither Nsik motors has been of help to the less-privileged or the physically challenged persons. This negligence on even social programmes both on the state and individual, some times in the immediate past administration call for the termination of Nsik motors contract with the state government as Mr Nsikak Jonny who call himself a pastor neither have any foundation or platform for humanitarian services.

The issue of termination of Nsik motors contract with the state government was not made possible as Ntuk Udeh’s intervention douse the process  and it was  not known to the past government  that Ntuk Udeh used to collect his windfall from Nsik motors monthly.


It is also discovered that apart from his monthly share from Nsik motors, that Ntuk Udeh also handles the ticket levies in Akwa Ibom Transport Corporation and also have shares in other sectors in AKTC. One can imagine how much the state transport commissioner go home with every day then calculate in a month which means that the daily keke levies of and Taxi Caps couple with registration and his monthly share in AKTC amounts to not less than forty five million (N45mn) a month. Nsik motors is making not less than ten million (N10,000.000) naira  every day from the state  transport corporation  for over sixteen years now.


In late last year, the transport commissioner, Akparawa Godwin Ntuk Udeh collected  the sum of One Billion( N 1,000,000.00) naira from Nsik Motors to  renew the Akwa Ibom Transport Corporations contract with Nsik Motors for another twenty five (25 years) after Nsik motors has been in the saddle for sixteen years. And it was part of the One Billion Naira that Ntuk Udeh used to buy a Storey Building in Lagos demolished it and build a virgin and classic Storey Building Hotel.

Nsik motors sixteen (16) years in the saddle plus another twenty five (25yrs) years renewned contract by Hon. Godwin Ntuk Udeh amount to  forty one (41 years) years is Nsik motors Kadafi of Libya that would operate the state transport corporation forever? Or is it that Nsik motors dirty deal with the state transport boss, Akparawa Godwin Ntuk Udeh, must keep Nsik motors as operator of AKTC forever.


His Excellency the governor, the state transport corporation is a money making venture as such, it should be operated on a make-shift manner as done in Rivers State, Lagos and others places. In other climbs the state transport company operates a routine contract on two years bases with each firm operating at two years interval.


Please Nsik motors is not the only competent hand to handle the state transport corporation in Akwa Ibom we have so many people who would  do that perfectly and also impact much on the lives of the people.


The state transport corporation is just like the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation and Akwa Ibom Newspaper Corporation or any other government parastatal where the managerial position take turns, as non of the managers stays for ten years in office let alone somebody staying for sixteen years and above then the contract is still renewed again for another  twenty five (25ys) years.


Our dear governor Deac.  Udom Emmanuel should look into this issue with eagle eyes not minding the fetish act of the state transport boss Akparawa Godwin Ntuk Udeh.


It is known to all who knows Ntuk Udeh deeply  that Ntuk Udeh use to worship at the church of satan in Ikot Inyang eti in Nsit Ubium Local Government where he has been conducting his oracle and rituals for sustenance of position in government and for the state governor to always accept every word from the mouth of Akparawa Godwin Ntuk Udeh.


Ntuk Udeh has also been attending a rituals church in Calabar for the same purposes in government and self protection.


This article is a called on governor Udom Emmanuel to look into the state transport ministry and its agency in a bid to effect changes.


Noah is from Uyo and a public affairs Analyst                     

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