Our Paper is investigating a Federal Civil Servant of Akwa Ibom state origin (name withheld), who, for fear of probe, is doing everything to hide his ill-gotten wealth.

Ongoing investigations reveal that the Billionaire Federal Civil Servant who has worked in some Federal Ministries before his recent posting had, through many shady deals, enriched himself to the tune of a net worth of Billions of Naira.

Our investigations reveal that apart from owning landed properties at choice locations within Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and one each in the UK and USA, the said Federal Civil Servant has just bought a multimillion Naira property in one of the Housing Estates in Uyo and fenced round, where he hides his cars and  other assorted jeeps.

Our Paper also gathered of another recently acquired  property by the public servant ,close to a popular school in one of the Housing Estates in Uyo, where he intends to build a luxury hotel.

Details, including photographs of the hidden cars shall be brought to you in subsequent edition of this paper. Keep a date!

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