Samuel Udobong is the Spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Akwa Ibom State Chapter. In this interview with our Political Editorial Crew, he bares his mind on the leadership ineptitude of his Party in the State; and opines that if the party does not sit up, it may not win any election in the event that the Tribunal calls for a re-run. Excerpts:


Good evening Sir. If the tribunal upturns the victory of the PDP and orders for a re-run governorship election in the State, do you think your party (the APC) will win? And how prepared is your party?

       We don’t want to speak now because we don’t want to decide for the tribunal. However if the tribunal calls for a governorship re-run, I doubt if our party can win, because of the way the party is run in the state. In fact, because of the way the party is being run in the state, we will not win, unless we sit up.

Is it because of the leadership of the party or because of the governorship candidate?

It is because of the leadership of the party in the state. The party is not well organized.

Are you indirectly indicting the State Chairman of your party?

Not only the State Chairman, the entire State Exco, is not well organized….

Including yourself?


Are you passing a vote-of-no confidence on the state Exco?

If you say so, no problem, because the way the party is being run, I am sure the party does not want to succeed. The State Exco is being run by only eight people. The State Chairman has sidelined so many of us. For instance, he has constituted an illegal committee called “stealing committee”. What we have in APC constitution is “Working Committee” which is made up of 16 members, including myself.



  • Is it “stealing” or ‘steering”?

I refuse to call it “Steering” because their only duty is “stealing.” The State Chairman, Dr. Amadu Attai has stopped convening meeting of the Working Committee long before the elections.

If the State Chairman is that bad why did the State Council of your Party nominated him as one of the candidates for ministerial position for the President?

Nobody has endorsed him. In fact, such issues have never been discussed in State Exco meeting. If that has happened then those who made the said nomination should be indicted of fraud. It has never been mentioned; they have never called a meeting of the State Working Committee to discuss that, so it’s a fraud.

No Sir, we learnt that the party had sent 3 names including that of the State Chairman to the Presidency for consideration for a ministerial position?

I am not aware.

That means the State Chairman did that entirely on his own?

Maybe, but I’m not aware.

Would you support your State Chairman, Dr. Amadu Attai to become a Minister?

I cannot support him…


He cannot abandon the Party to become a Minister. The moment he runs away from the party who will do his job? That is selfishness, he should not even attempt it.

Akwa Ibom Public will want to know your full name; what is your full name?

I am Obong Samuel Udobong

Is “Obong” a title?


Nice speaking with you, Sir

The pleasure is mine.

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