I’m sure many are surprised how appointees of President Buhari criticize him publicly and get away with it. And that’s okay, this government welcomes objective criticism, even the wife of Mr President is not left out. 
The most outstanding of all is his Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs Aisha Alhassan who said she’ll rather support Atiku Abubakar and made it clear that her loyalty lies there.
What did the Presidency do?
She was called aside and cautioned, she was advised that such open show of disloyalty is expedient only after a resignation.
Till date, that woman is still retained as a minister by Buhari. That tells a lot of character.

Come down to Akwa Ibom State.

A commissioner was sacked yesterday.
For reason so flimsy and ridiculous.
He didn’t do proper ‘Obeisance’ (because he was ill) to Sen Akpabio. And that is sacrilege if you understand the kind of local politics that go on here.
The Gufnor, in a perceived attempt to please his predecessor, to calm freight nerves of even those who got angry on behalf of the former governor, kicked the poor guy outta his cabinet.

Woe betides any son of man who hasn’t learnt from this.
In Akwa Ibom State, don’t know about others, the PDP cult live and abide by rules, written and unwritten. You must learn the ropes to cope.
Your stay in the jungle is clearly a Survival of the fittest.

You must not talk anyhow like the APC people in the name of Criticizing Awa Government to be better. Whatever you see going wrong, it’s for your eyes only.
But in a jungle, bigger creatures eat smaller ones to survive.
In this case, you’ll likely see Propagandists at work Blackmailing others to the Chiefs-In-Power to either kick you out or get promotion for themselves.


The Political Hustle is Real in AKS PDP Brethren.
Ask those in the camp for their personal testimonies.

Anyone who has survived for over 10years in that party should be asked what his Secret is, because in the voice of Sampson Akpan “Imemme”.

Issa serious hustle.

If you can fight, scratch, backbite, blackmail and keep mute when things go awry, I recommend that camp for you.

But if you’re like some of us who don’t like to be gagged, and don’t entertain any form of oppression and intimidation I’ll advise you keep a distance from these people.
That’s why I find the camp of the Progressives more healthy, but feel free to join the one with Fowl as their symbol or any other, better still you keep claiming non partisan.

As for me and my household, we will not subject ourselves to the 21st century political SlaveMasters.

Amen. By Imaobong Akpan Akpan

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