A child that is born to become a citizen in any country had once passed through primary to secondary schools, and has been taught what a market is in any of the subjects. Those who don’t have the opportunity to obtain formal education still know that a market is a place where buying and selling is done.

Before one becomes a full grown citizen, he/she might have at least in their life carry out the transaction of buying and selling. Some might have been sent by parents or guardians to buy few things or sell for them in the market.

At this stage, a market is seen as a place and marketing is a process.


However, boiling down to the subject matter, what does it really mean for a citizen to be marketable? According to BBC English Dictionary, for anything to be marketable, it means it can be sold, because people want to buy it. It must be well packaged and have in its contents what the society needs.


Yes, people buy what meets their needs and not only their needs, but also their taste. Of course, there are so many products in the market for sale, but do all of them meet the taste and needs of the prominent ones and even the less privileged in the society? Can the society consider them worthy of being in existence?


The truth of the matter is this, human beings who are good citizens or want to, make themselves marketable in their society.


Anyway, one may ask, how can a human being be marketable, is it that he/she will be taken to the market place for other citizens to start demanding for them from their sellers? You might not be wrong if you ask this question. But that is not what is meant here.


This article is actually looking at a profitable and productive citizen, the one that has something to offer in relief of lack, depression or any form of pain his/her society might be suffering from.


For instance, if you have the opportunity of obtaining a formal education in the tertiary institution, you should be able to make the difference, either with your profession or otherwise in your society.


Even those who have not had this opportunity can be marketable by learning trade. Many people in our society today do not consider the minor means of making a living, almost everybody is panting around for a white-collar job, which is scarce. With this, they render themselves useless and unable to affect any life in their society positively.


It does not really matter what you studied in school. But what you can offer to your society to relief them of pains.


A renowned novelist, poet and a playwright, Chinua Achebe of blessed memory, could not be productive or marketable as a Chemical Engineer, but he refused to be useless by venturing into the world of art, to make sure he creates impact in his society and leave a legacy behind, after death. Today, no one will talk about Late Chinua Achebe as an engineer, but everyone will talk about him as a model in writing.


What is it you know you are good at doing or have in mind to do, that can relief your society and in-turn, put money in your hands? You are urged today to go and acquire more skills about it and do it better. Do not be that product in the market that cannot meet anyone’s taste or needs, rather, get started with something legal and tangible .


Zig Ziglar, the man I love so much once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. Start doing something today and see yourself affecting your world like Dangote and many other marketable figures in the world.


Even the Scriptures acknowledge that there is dignity in labour, adding that he who does not work should not eat. God even said He will bless the works of your hands. Imagine yourself in a society where no one cares for your services, where no one needs you for relief of any kind, even God sees you as an abomination.


Conclusively, do not be afraid of a little beginning, Dangote, Bill Gate, Late Chinua Achebe, Mark Zukerberg, even our immediate past President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan started small and today, they are in the hearts of everyone in the society. They are good and tasty products! Abraham Lincoln said, “I will prepare myself today, for I know my time will come”. Do that little you can do today, your time to be great will one day come.




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