In this article I will explain why you should Have a Paypal Account.
Anyone who wants to make money on the internet, has to worry about two
things which are
1. What do you need to do to make money.
2. How will you collect that money.
In this article, I will highlight some benefits of having a fully verified and
functional Paypal account as a means of addressing the problem of how to collect
money(payments) from your clients and customers especially from different
countries of the world.
The following are reasons why you need to have a paypal account.
 PayPal gives credibility to your business. It is true that you can accept bank
deposits from your customers, but, will your customers have the
confidence to do so? Due to so much internet fraud, many people do not
want to risk making bank deposits or bank transfers without knowing the
seller, the simple fact that you are verified by PayPal gives credibility to
your business.
 Accept payments from anywhere in the world. By accepting PayPal you
have broken the barriers of your home country, since you can accept
payments from ANY part of the world, and also pay for services or products
from anywhere in the world.

 Security. One of the most important features of PayPal is that the client
feels 100% sure because he will NEVER have to provide his credit card
number to a stranger. PayPal itself is responsible for making the
transactions between both parties without compromising information,
 Instant Payments. You receive the payment in your PayPal account within
one second after the payment has been made.

 The lowest commissions on the market. PayPal has the lowest commissions
worldwide when receiving payments, no other company will offer you the
rate offered by PayPal.
 It’s free. The PayPal subscription is 100% free, the only fee charged by
PayPal is when you receive a payment. Subscribing and sending payments
are completely free.
As you are able to observe these very powerful reasons to on why you should
owe a paypal account, I recommend that if you still do not have a PayPal account ,
that you should do it today, the whole process can take about a week.
You can have a personal account, premiere or business, the staff will only serve
you to make payments, the premiere and the business will serve to make
payments and collect, I recommend that to start take a premiere account, the
cost is also a gratuity.

It does not matter what you are going to do to earn online but having an account
with PayPal is always recommended.

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