Usually when a person is interested in making money online, the person simply
enters Google and look for those words, then there are thousands of different
options, but you can say that all these are divided into 3 basic ways.
Of these 3 ways are already derived the thousands of topics or sub ways to make
money online, so we will see only these.

# 1 Way to Make Money Online: Auto Employment
This is often the most searched or identified by people, and eliminate all other
Actually this is not based on building a business but generating an additional
income doing something they can do from their homes devoting them some hours a
day, or full time.
These include the sales of professional services such as: writing / editing content,
graphic design, video creation, transcription services, technical services and a very
long etcetera.
For this, it is not necessary to have an infrastructure online, since there are
websites that are already dedicated to sell these types of services in which anyone
can register and advertise, some of these sites also work in reverse, the client
announces what which requires and you can offer your services for a X cost, as if it
were a bid.

Those who are more serious build a website and create their list of customers in an
autoresponder so that they can contact them later, but this is something really very

In this way you do not take much risk and over time you can build a regular
customer base and therefore a regular income.
However the limitation is that nothing else can be attended to one customer at a
time and the income is due to a self employment which is not automated, a residual
income is not achieved from this form of income generation.

 You can start without investment
 You can start part time
 The risk is minimal because there is no investment by means (except for the
programs used to perform the tasks).
 Customers pay you directly
 It can generate the same or more than a full-time job
 It's slow to start
 Many people fail to see positive results precisely because it is slow and they
do not persevere
 It is not automated
 The income is not based on systems, therefore it is not replicable
 You should take care of customer service
 You must have a system to collect your winnings
 Income is not residual

# 2 Way to Make Money Online: Creating An Online Business
This form is what most people want to achieve: to be independent.
For this you must become an entrepreneur and this is something really difficult, not
suitable for everyone.
You must invest in your training, create systems, create products, create your
websites, create your sales funnels, have your autoresponder system, generate
traffic to your websites, deliver the service / merchandise, manage the service to
the client, to do thousands of tests to be able to find what works best for you.
All this takes time, the decisions you take and therefore the operation is totally
your responsibility.

You must create a system that works properly, normally these systems require
other systems that are interconnected and require a strong technical knowledge or
hire someone with that knowledge.
You should be willing to do tests that fail until the work improve better
Now, when you are carrying out trial and error, it is costing you time and money.
You have a huge range of products / services to offer through your system (s).
 The gain depends on your effort
 Systems work for you all the time
 The income depends entirely on you
 Freedom to make decisions
 Some clients will pay you directly, in other cases indirectly (as in affiliate
 Residual income
 You need to invest money in the creation of your systems, products and / or
 Medium to long term results
 A lot of technical and business knowledge
 Results tested and error
 The majority does not get to see the results because it takes time and much
analysis of the systems
 Several systems that must be interconnected to function correctly
 Some of the systems can undergo changes, you must adapt your business
according to those changes that do not depend on you
 You should take care of customer service

# 3 of Making Money Online: Using A System That Already Works

In this type of business you join a system that is already working and has proven
that it is capable of generating money.
Usually those who design this type of business / systems have already invested
everything they needed: they created the product / service, they have the systems
already created, already functional systems, they have the payment platforms, they
take care of the customer service.
The main detail in this type of business is that you should consider that you are not
the owner of the system, therefore the decisions that are made regarding this do not
depend on you.
In this type of business, changes are taken by the owners and you must be flexible
enough to adapt to those changes.
The owner of the system will be the one that charges for the service / product and
then he / she will pay you, therefore you must wait for this to happen.
You must train yourself on how the system works and obey the rules
 They are economical to start
 The products / services have already been created
 Systems are already working
 You do not have to take care of customer service
 Your training is included with the system
 You do not have to take care of customer service
 Residual income
 You have no control over business decisions
 You must wait for the system to pay you
 When the system offers you a website, it will surely equal that of thousands
of people
 Your competition is the thousands of people who are in that program

As you can see, each form has its advantages and disadvantages.
I personally use options 2 and 3:
In option 2 I have my websites, I promote my own products, affiliate programs,
CPA and I use multiple systems to do it, mostly on my own servers (I have 4
hosting services and 4 autoresponders).
Option 3 decided to use Black Ops  as the system in which I am a member but that
has generated me incredible income so far.
It is a question that you yourself take the choice of which of the ways you decide to
use and get to work!

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